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Grimes // Venus In Fleurs

[They’re] from completely opposite worlds, but are so similar in many ways. The two self-righteous personalities are both the most intelligent of the group, so their witty banter with each other became comedy gold. They both share the same passion for art, film and literature, so we got fun references that film buffs could appreciate. The dialogue between the two is such magic to watch, it could not have been replicated by two other characters on the show to the same effect. It was as if they belonged on a different show, because their storyline was vastly superior to everyone else’s dull drama. (x)

Step 1, discredit the witnesses.
Step 2, introduce a new suspect.
Step 3, we bury the evidence.
We throw so much information at the jury that they walk into the deliberation room with one overwhelming feeling…doubt. That’s how you get away with murder.

oh and taeyeon must be so happy now, gross

wtf Jessica nooo </3

oh well I hope she’s happier doing whatever she’s going to do now…


How can you see into my eyes like open doors

Roberto Bolle photographed by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris October 2010

Title: Unknown
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I’m about to turn TF UP!!!!!!


  1. person: i hate cats
  2. me: what the fuck

I’m not usually a first-row kind of guy, but I promised myself I wouldn’t hide in the back of the class.


In 10 years, I hope we can still be drinking tea together like we are now

  1. me: *laughs*
  2. parents: what's so funny what's going on who are you talking to can i see what's the joke haha i bet that's great what are you trying to hide from us

Iker Casillas + trophies