Jordan Andrews/The calm before the storm


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Dollhouse episode by episode → Spy in the House of Love

After you beat me to a pulp, they’re going to erase me… but first, they’re going to erase you.

I can take care of myself.

I know. That’s why I’m smiling. Cause one day you’ll be erasing them. Even after all this they still won’t see it coming.


I really liked that, in the last few moments of the finale, the only people to make Korra smile were the kids

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winners will each receive…

  • 10 million bells
  • a crown, royal crown, hairbow wig
  • sets: sloppy, 7/11, mermaid, sweets, weeding
  • all the wetsuits: striped, pink, orange, red, white, black, blue
  • toy hammer
  • gold tool set
  • 10 gold roses
  • 10 random streetpass items
  • 10 baskets of (non-native) perfect fruit 
  • dlcs: berliner, afternoon tea set, pumpkin pie, yule log, shaved ice lamp, 12 grape plate
  • gifs of your town (of your choice!)

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Domhnall Gleeson photographed by Annie Leibovitz, for Vogue, 2014

What if we were to suddenly have good timing? Just for an hour? What would that look like?


"Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models."


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Video Game Meme / Four Factions [Bonus] → The College of Winterhold


Girls are all Rose Brides, in the end.

Revolutionary Girl Utena left a huge impact on me, not only because of its messages and themes, but also in how they were conveyed. Amazing stuff.

make me choose: honourinrevenge asked me kol mikaelson or klaus mikaelson?

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Volunteer Fire Department

A phrase which here means ‘a secret organization dedicated to stopping fires both physical and metaphorical’ but can also mean ‘an equally secret organization dedicated to setting fires and destroying everything you thought you knew’